Conférence d’Amman – Jordanie – Octobre 2013

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Conférence organisée par L’U.P.F. (Universal Peace Federation)

Travaux inter religieux sur la reprise du dialogue et la réconciliation en Syrie.

« The declaration which resulted from our consultation had been circulated in draft form before we met. Adjustments and additions were made during our meeting and in particular during and as a result of our final session. It emphasizes the importance of the religious voice, calling upon religions to unite in search of a solution and to speak clearly against all forms of extremism. It calls for an immediate ceasefire, negotiations to release hostages and a swift move to a May 2014 election. It also calls for a range of soft power initiatives, particularly in the fields of education and relief. Finally it calls upon UPF and other NGOs to convene a Track 2 conference at the time of Geneva II. »
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